The Museum of Contemporary Circumpolar Art (MCCA) houses one of the world's most comprehensive contemporary circumpolar art collections.


Journey through exhibits exploring the intricate connection between environment, animals, people, communities, and spirituality. From dealing with colonial history to the palpable impact of climate change, the artworks capture the essence of life in the Far North.

Discover masterpieces crafted from stone, ceramics, antler, whale bone, walrus tusk, and mammoth tusk, as well as lithographs, drawings, paintings, wall hangings, baskets, clothing, and photographs, each telling a profound story. 

More than a museum, it is a platform sparking curiosity about the Arctic's diverse landscapes and Peoples encouraging a deeper connection with our own environment.


Join us in preserving and empowering cultures, fostering dialogue and unity among Peoples. We invite you to explore, reflect, and join a global conversation through the powerful language of art.