About the collection

Explore the rich Contemporary Circumpolar Art Collection at Museum Cerny, featuring over 1500 artworks spanning from the 1960s to the present day. Our diverse collection showcases the artistic expressions of communities from Canada, USA (Alaska), Greenland, Northern Europe (Sápmi ), and Russia (Siberia), forming a unique narrative that connects the Arctic to the global audience.


Immerse yourself in a world of sculptures crafted from local materials such as stone, ceramics, antler, whale bone, walrus tusk, and mammoth tusk. Rare lithographs, drawings, paintings, wall hangings, baskets, clothing, and photographs provide a comprehensive view of the intricate themes woven into the fabric of Arctic life.


The artworks delve into the essence of Arctic realities, portraying animals, people, communities, hunting, spirituality, and the contemporary challenges facing its inhabitants. Acknowledging colonial history, environmental changes, and the repercussions of the past, the collection serves as a powerful testament to the resilience of circumpolar cultures.


The collection serves as a cultural bridge. Through art, the museum contributes to the preservation and empowerment of cultures and the promotion of unity among Peoples. Beyond cultural preservation, the artists' works draw attention to the environmental challenges facing the Arctic and the interconnected global context, mirroring scientific findings, urging us all to embrace environmentally responsible actions for the well-being of future generations.